Sunday, January 8, 2012


A Big Thank You to Ryan Spaulding of and Matheson Kamin of The Rock and Roll Report for showing Almost Not There love on their best of 2011 lists.  

Son of the Sun
"Almost Not There" EP 
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Courtesy of The Rock and Roll Report

Son of the Sun - Almost Not There: The second of two EPs to make their way onto my Best Of list for this year is Almost Not There from Son of the Sun. The six songs that make up this release work well to create one strong, though short, release. The variety in the songs is one of the reasons why I include this CD in this list. Son of the Sun offers up some of the best indie rock this year with their Almost Not There CD. This is one CD I wish was longer than it is.

Stay tuned for much goodness in 2012.  Thank you all for your continued support.  


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