Thursday, March 8, 2012

SXSW 2012 and Upcoming Tour

Hello Friends, Family and Lovers,

Hope all is well in your land.  We are beyond excited to be playing at SXSW this year.  Below is a list of our travels.  If you're going down for the festival or know anyone who is, come and have a laugh with us!  We've been working on a bunch of new tunes...trying to keep the momentum going of putting out a new release per year.  After SXSW, it will be recording time.  We're going to be renting a house and buying a bear skin rug.  We'll see how it will turns out.  The record will be titled "Some People, Some Times".  Keep an ear out.

As always we appreciate being able to bring our little wagon of Rock N' Roll around and meeting amazing people along the way.

Hope all is well & thanks for listening.

With Love....SOTS

SXSW & Upcoming Tour Schedule

Saturday, March 10th - Columbus, OH
Wednesday, March 14th - Austin, TX
I Blame Yoko / Heave Media SXSW Showcase
@B.D. Riley's - 204 E. 6th St.
Set Time: 3:45PM
Wednesday, March 14th (2nd Show) - Austin, TX
The Nekkid Armadilla Extravaganza SXSW Showcase
@Agave - 415 E. 6th St.
Set Time: Midnight

Friday, March 16th - Austin, TX
Rustbelt by Sunbelt SXSW Showcase
@Lucy's Retired Surf Bar - 506 West Ave.
Set Time: 3:00PM and 8:30PM (2 Sets)

Saturday, March 17th - Austin, TX
The Outlaw Road Show SXSW Showcase
@Rusty's - 405 E. 7th St.
Set Time: 3:45PM

Friday, March 30th - Niagara Falls, NY
@Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls USA

Saturday, April 7th - Oneonta, NY
@Black Oak Tavern

Saturday, April 21st - Rochester, NY
@The Bug Jar

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A Big Thank You to Ryan Spaulding of and Matheson Kamin of The Rock and Roll Report for showing Almost Not There love on their best of 2011 lists.  

Son of the Sun
"Almost Not There" EP 
Web / My / Fb / Tw 

Courtesy of The Rock and Roll Report

Son of the Sun - Almost Not There: The second of two EPs to make their way onto my Best Of list for this year is Almost Not There from Son of the Sun. The six songs that make up this release work well to create one strong, though short, release. The variety in the songs is one of the reasons why I include this CD in this list. Son of the Sun offers up some of the best indie rock this year with their Almost Not There CD. This is one CD I wish was longer than it is.

Stay tuned for much goodness in 2012.  Thank you all for your continued support.  


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello friends,

We have some exciting shows on the East Coast coming up!

*We will be playing the Kingsley Flood CD Release Party on Thursday December 8th in Cambridge, Massachusetts at The Lizard Lounge.  If you're not up on the Kingsley Flood tip, do yourself a favor and check them out. They're an amazing, new band coming out of the Beantown scene.

*On Friday December 9th, we will be making the trek from Cambridge to The Big Apple where we will be making our debut performance at Piano's on the Lower East Side.  At Piano's, we will have the pleasure of playing with Rochester, NY's own SPORTS and a host of other great talent.  Be sure to check out the lineup for that evening here.

Click here for the FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE
*On Friday December 16th, the lovely folks of Kingsley Flood will be performing with us for the forth time back in good ole' Buffalo, NY for our show at Mohawk Place.  Also on the bill for the this evening is a great, local, up and coming band called Evil Things.

*Also we have some amazing shows on the horizon for 2012...first off on Friday February 3rd we're cookin up a lil sumpthin sumpthin for our first ever performance at DBGB's in Buffalo......stay tuned for details on that and everything else.   

As always you can check out everything SOTS at

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.  

With love.....

-SON of the SUN

Monday, October 17, 2011


A great big thanks to WBNY 93.1 for naming us the Best Indie/College Band (In Western New York).  We are honored and humbled.  

A big congrats to all the winners.  Much Love.

Check out the other categories/winners below.  Cheers!!

Thank you SO much for everyone who helped, big thanks to

Outer Limit Recording Studios
Angstfaktor Records
Suzanne Perry
Paul Burt
Chris Kalata
Mista Perez
ALL the bands that donated their time to perform at the ceremony
(Big Tree Road, AJ Jordan The Crescendo, Garda, The Brass Monkeez, Sudden Urge, Dan Harper & The Magic Show)
& everyone who came out! We really appreciate it!


-listing is organized as-

Award Category:
Top 3 in votes
Staff Picks (91.3 FM WBNY,, Steak & Cake Records, Ciniris [Screen Printing]) 


I'm So Sad They Broke Up (from Western New York):
first: Abominable Killer Snomen, second: Lake View Effect, third: Run Marty!
WBNY: Venona
Steak & Cake: BALTO

Most Underrated Artist/Band (from Western New York):
first: Sixpin, second: Mike Zogaria, third: Final Conspiracy
WBNY: Rescue Dawn
Steak & Cake: DAMIAN WEBER
Ciniris: Rescue Dawn

Best Glorified Rehearsal on the WBNY Local Show:
first: Dead Before Dawn, second: Anal Pudding, third: Come Honor
WBNY: Bearhunter

Best Sound Guy (in Western New York):
first: D2 Sound, second: Joe Tall of J. Tall Audio, third: Rockstar Dave
WBNY: Neal Brodfuehrer of Town Ballroom/Mohawk Place
Steak & Cake: GREG BURT

Best Music Video (from Western New York): first: Go Sabres! by Sudden Urge, second: Blow by The Bella Donna, third TIE: Aisle by The Bunny The Bear, Why (Original) by Grunderhall
WBNY: E.T. (Katy Perry Cover) by Ghost Sequence

Best Lyrics In A Song (from Western New York):
first: Invisible by Sixpin, second: Make it Up To You by Mike Zogaria, third: Emergency by Breckenwood
WBNY: All Winners by The BloodThirsty Vegans
Ciniris: Time Machine, Letterset

Best Instrumental Song (from Western New York):
first: Evian Majora by In The Presence Of Enemies, second: Louis by Peanut Brittle Satellite, third: Exitelitech by Paul Burt
WBNY: Evian Majora by In The Presence Of Enemies
Steak & Cake: FYFE - PACKS & PIANOS

Best Solo/Acoustic Artist (from Western New York):
first TIE: Taylor McManus & Andrew Mitchell, third: Mike Zogaria
WBNY: Dan Stafford
Ciniris: I.Am.Angelo

Best New Band (from Western New York):
first: Plan-B Buffalo, second: Caught In A Crossfire, third: Final Conspiracy
WBNY: Rustworm
BuffaBLOG: Love Scenes
Ciniris: Rescue Dawn

Best Venue (in Western New York):
first: Club Paradise, second: Town Ballroom, third: Nietzche's
WBNY: Soundlab
BuffaBLOG: Nietzsche's
Steak & Cake: SUGAR CITY
Ciniris: Xtreme Wheelz

Best Jam/Groove Band (from Western New York):
first: Aqueous, second: Mick Hayes Band, third TIE: More Than Me, Sloppy Joe & The Juice
WBNY: Aqueous
BuffaBLOG: Lazlo Hollyfeld
Steak & Cake: LAUNJIE
Ciniris: More Than Me

Best Punk/Hardcore Band (from Western New York):
first: Rhinocerous, second: Hold It High, third: Pig Rectum
WBNY: The Fucking Hotlights
BuffaBLOG: The Fucking Hotlights
Steak & Cake: STRANGERS
Ciniris: This Is Voyage

Best Metal Band (from Western New York):
first: The Bella Donna, second: Sixpin, third: Caught In A Crossfire
WBNY: As Summer Dies
Steak & Cake: DIRT EYES
Ciniris: Bury The Hatchet

Best Rock Band (from Western New York):
first: The Pug Mahones, second: Sixpin, third: Suckerpunch
WBNY: Final Conspiracy
Steak & Cake: REAL PEOPLE
Ciniris: More Than Me

Best Indie/College Band (from Western New York):
first: Son Of The Sun, second TIE: Inlite & The Breathing Tree
WBNY: The Breathing Tree
BuffaBLOG: The Bird Day
Steak & Cake: ARCTIC DEATH
Ciniris: The Breathing Tree

Best Power-Pop/Pop-Rock Band (from Western New York):
first: Breckenwood, second: Thrown Under The Bus, third TIE: The Mixtape, Rescue Dawn
WBNY: The Mixtape
Steak & Cake: NELSON TYPE

Best Country/Folk Band (from Western New York):
first: Mick Hayes Band, second: 100 Proof Justice, third: 90 West
WBNY: Mick Hayes Band
BuffaBLOG: Andrew J Reimer's Country-Punk Extravaganza
Steak & Cake: Andrew J Reimer's Country-Punk Extravaganza

Best Jazz/Blues Band (from Western New York):
first: Jony James Blues Band, second TIE: Wanted By The FBI, The Black and Blues Band
WBNY: Dan Harper & The Magic Show
BuffaBLOG: On The Sly

Best Experimental Band/Act (from Western New York):
first: The Bunny The Bear, second: Lazlo Hollyfeld, third TIE: Ghost Sequence, Dali's Ghost
WBNY: Lazlo Hollyfeld
BuffaBLOG: Lazlo Hollyfeld
Steak & Cake: BADMILK

Best Electronic Band (from Western New York): 
first: The Bunny The Bear, second: Garda, third TIE: I.Am.Angelo, Sunday Radio
WBNY: Sunday Radio
BuffaBLOG: Shapes Of States
Steak & Cake: SOUND SHAMAN
Ciniris: I.Am.Angelo

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Performer/Group (from Western New York):
first: J-Heat, second: AJ Jordan The Crescendo, third: Eric Crittenden
WBNY: AJ Jordan The Crescendo

Best Contemporary/Adult Band (from Western New York): first:
Alison Pipitone Band, second TIE: The Incureables & Grace Stumberg Band
WBNY: Speak Easy Three

Best Ska Band (from Western New York):
first: Do It With Malice, second: Lighting Killed My Parents, third: The Blank Shots
WBNY: The Blank Shots
Ciniris: The Blank Shots

Best Pop-Punk Band (from Western New York):
first: Thrown Under The Bus, second TIE: Anchor Me Down & Rust Belt Lights
WBNY: Sleep Atlantic
Ciniris: Letterset

Best R&B/Soul Artist/Band (from Western New York):
first: Nickel City Pimp Choir, second: Old School B Boys, third: Mista Perez
WBNY: Micheal Prince

Best Cover Band (from Western New York): 
first: Sudden Urge, second: Hot Daddy Rocks!, third: Cateogry 5
WBNY: Passionworks

Best Tribute Act (from Western New York): first: Hey You A Tribute To Pink Floyd, second: Strictly Hip, third: 2 Minutes To Maiden
WBNY: Beatle Magic

Best Promotion/Booking Company (in Western New York):
first: After Dark Presents, second: Suzapalooza, third: ESI Events
WBNY: Incite A Riot
Ciniris: After Dark Presents

Best Promoter (putting on events in Western New York):
first: Suzanne Perry (Suzapalooza), second: Dennis Ferry (After Dark), third: Nick Sallee (Sonic Indian)
WBNY: Nick Ramirez from Incite A Riot
Ciniris: Dennis Ferry of After Dark

Best Western New York Music Website/Publication:
first: ArtVoice, second: Nightlife, third: Gloom & How We Get Out Of Here Promotions
Steak & Cake:

Best Music Festival (in Western New York):
first: Music Is Art, second: OP Music House EXPOSURE Concert, third: Jam-Boree
WBNY: OP Music House EXPOSURE Concert
Steak & Cake: BIDWELL INDIE 5000
Ciniris: Music Is Art

Best Recording Studio (in Western New York):
first: World Of Noise Recording Studio, second: DWS Studios, third: Watchman Recording Studios
WBNY: True Sound Studios
Ciniris: GCR Audio

Best Record Label (in Western New York):
first TIE: Righteous Babe Records & JACT Records, third TIE: The Team Records & Catch 22 Records
WBNY: Steak & Cake Records

Best Music Merchandise Company (in Western New York):
first: Park Avenue Imprints, second: TC Printing, third TIE: Tour City & Positive Approach
WBNY: Ciniris

Best Concert Photographer (in Western New York):
first: Faded Skyline Photography, second: Ken Czworka Photos, third: Carl Cederman
WBNY: Faded Skyline Photography
Steak & Cake: BOB NEUMAN
Ciniris: Nicole Cooke

Best Guitarist (in Western New York):
first: Brian Frasier of Category 5, second TIE: Parker Greenman of The Teasers & LW Perry of 100 Proof Justice
WBNY: Joe Leising of Pig Rectum
Ciniris: John Anstett, Letterset

Best Guitar Duo (in Western New York):
first: Denny Sliday & Andy Mitchell of Sixpin, second: Kevin Lambert & Alexander Matos of Final Conspiracy, third: Andrew Mayer & Joshua Strate of The Blank Shots
WBNY: Kevin Murphy & Danny Case of Vanity Strikes

Best Bassist (in Western New York):
first: Joe Quader of Category 5, second: Vaughan Perrott of Sixpin, third: Tony Berrafato of Lighting Killed My Parents
WBNY: Ben Whelan of Funktional Flow
Ciniris: Ricky Needham, Letterset

Best Drummer/Percussionist (in Western New York):
first: Bryan Sibbitts of The Blank Shots, second: Michael Forgione of Sixpin, third: Mick Miller Drummer for hire (Mike Productions)
WBNY: Josiah LeRoy of Letterset/Sunday Radio
Steak & Cake: RYAN SCHLIA
Ciniris: Matt Salzer, Fighting For First

Best Original Pop/Indie Vocalist (in Western New York):
first: Garrett Shea of Breckenwood, second: Nicholas William of The Breathing Tree, third: Jordan Dixon of Inlite
WBNY: Jordan Dixon of Inlite
Steak & Cake: NICK GORDON
Ciniris: Zong Gu, Sunday Radio & Cameron Powell, Letterset

Best Original Rock/Metal Vocalist (in Western New York):
first: Andy Mitchell of Sixpin, second: Mike Jordan of The Pug Mahones, third: Nick Lamacchia of The Donner Party
WBNY: John Green of His Name Was Yesterday
Steak & Cake: ANDY CZUBA

Best Female Vocalist (in Western New York):
first: Kristine Rose Brown of Dead Before Dawn, second: Carrie Engler Mazur of ENVY, third: Kelly Wahl of Hit N Run
WBNY: Lauren Ciapelli of Lapse 

Best Keyboard/Synth Player (in Western New York):
first: Ray Halm of The Bella Donna, second: Lee Becker of Statues Of We, third: Arron Watts of Grunderhall/Brotherhood
WBNY: Rich Flierl of Dotsun Moon
Steak & Cake: LEAH LOEFKE
Ciniris: Zong Gu, Sunday Radio

Best Stage Performance/Presentation As A Band (from Western New York):
first: Category 5, second: Sixpin, third: Envy
WBNY: Free Henry!

Best Stange Performance/Presence As An Individual (from Western New York):
first: Michael Culmo of Category 5, second: Carrie Engler Mazur of Envy, third: Jim Crean of Hair Nation
WBNY: Matt Tybor of The Bunny The Bear 
Ciniris: Ricky Needham, Letterset

Band Most Likely To Break Out Of Buffalo, NY:
first: Sixpin, second TIE: One Hundred Proof Justice & The Blank Shots
WBNY: The Bella Donna
Steak & Cake: THE BIRD DAY

Best Thing To Happen To The WNY Music Scene This Year:
first: Music Is Art, second: WBNY Local Music Awards, third: Travesty Pictures
WBNY: Travesty Pictures
Steak & Cake:
Ciniris: Buffalo Does Pop CD

EP of the year (from Western New York):
first: Sixpin - Vegas, second: Mike Zogaria - Come Home, third: Kennedy Carpool - Napolean
WBNY: Glass Hero - You (Me)
BuffaBLOG: The Tins - The Tins [EP]
Ciniris: The Sequel B-Sides, Letterset

Album Of The Year (from Western New York):
first: Dead Before Dawn - 2012... A New Dawn, second: Aqueous - Giant Something, third: Effective Resolution - Just To Let You Know
WBNY: Various - Buffalo Does Pop
BuffaBLOG: Roger Bryan & The Orphans - 37
Ciniris: Various - Buffalo Does Pop

Buffalo, NY Legend Of The Year: first: Micheal Hund, second: Lance Diamond, third: Dave Constantino
WBNY: Micheal Meldrum