Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Sue Reviews Almost Not There

Son of the Sun - Almost Not There (Independently released CD EP, Pop/rock)
We love this band. Part of what impresses us most about these guys is the fact that they're not playing for any particular crowd...nor are they playing any particular specific genre of music. Rather than ape what's currently popular and/or using the latest sounds by the latest crap sellout artists...the fellows in Son of the Sun are doing what they do best: simply playing good music that induces great feelings. There's nothing cute or ultra-artsy here...no weird sounds darting out of nowhere...no intense physical images...none of the usual trappings that make most bands sound exactly like most other bands. Using only the bare essentials these guys manage to do everything they set out to do...mainly because they write great damn classic songs that will stand the test of time. Only six tracks here (dammit!)...but they're all credible and they all cook. Kickass cuts include "As Far As Lucy," "Henry's England," and "Don't Worry." This is short (only about 23 minutes' worth of music)...but it will just have to satisfy folks until the next full-length is released. We can't wait. TOP PICK.

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