Friday, February 11, 2011

Artvoice Mention for Tonight's Show

Son of the Sun/Here Come The Comets

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Music fans whose tastes lean more towards to 1960′s and early 1970s’ than current fare will likely be quite comfortable at this Friday’s (Feb 11) show at Mohawk Place. The bill features three local bands, all of whom have a sound largely indebted to the past. Headliners Son of The Sun have a garage rock sound vaguely similar to The Black keys, but if they listened to power pop instead of the blues. Numbers like “Good Ole Days” and “The Other Side” have the vibe of old-school rock and should really kick in the live setting. Here Come The Comets are the closest to modern rock out of the three, but they still have a foot firmly placed in classic rock territory. Fans of Cold War Kids would be likely to enjoy their sound, as the piano-and-guitar based “Whaddya Say” is vaguely reminiscent of their hit “Hang me Up To Dry”. Finally, there’s Johnny Nobody, whose sound is undeniably catchy with a noticeable tinge of desperation. Think Spoon, but with a bit of The Replacements thrown in for good measure. All in all, the bill features three talented, promising young bands who could become stars in the near future. This show could give many local music fans a chance to say they saw these bands before they got big.
—john hugar

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