Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rock and Roll show tonight at Nietzsche's

Saturday, December 11th 2010 | 9PM | $5 | 21+
Nietzsche's | 248 Allen Street | Buffalo, NY 14201
"Take All Ticket Raffle Benefiting The Compass House of Buffalo! Winner takes home a "Music and Merchandise Package from the bands and Magic Hat beer!"Magic Hat #9 Draft Beer Special!

Part of The Good Neighborhood's Home for the Holidays Concert Series!

Hello friends, Join us on Saturday night, December 11th at Nietzsche's on Allen. We are playing with some extremely talented (hand picked) groups that are SURE to knock your socks off. The event is also part of The Good Neighborhood's Home for the Holidays Concert Series benefiting The Compass House.  The Compass House mission? To provide runaway, homeless and street youth with safe shelter and services, through a voluntary and mutually agreed-upon process, in an environment that supports dignity, respect and self-reliance. Below is a brief bio about each band along with some links. Be sure to check them out!


------------KINGSLEY FLOOD from Boston, Massachusetts--------
*** WINNER Boston Music Awards for 2010s "New Artist of the Year" ***
Coming out of Boston, Kingsley Flood knows “Americana” music isn’t a cliché world of cabins, hollers and ’shine—but songs about ordinary people’s challenges set to tunes that resonate. Meshing the personal and the political with a fiery sound (call it “city-country”), Kingsley Flood draws as much from Woody Guthrie and the Band as it does Joe Strummer and the Replacements. Kingsley Flood also features a few former Buffalonians in their group. We got a chance to play we these gentlemen and (women) down at CMJ in NYC this past October. You won't want to miss them.


------------------WALRI from Rochester, New York------------ 

*** WINNER Rochester Music Awards for their album "Paper Crane" BEST ALBUM of 2010 ***
Walri is a downright exciting rock band with a gloriously diverse sound leading the music scene in Rochester, New York, with their unforgetable melodies, tight harmonies, and infectious beats. Walri brings extraordinary tunes and an unshakable live performance everywhere they go. Labeling their unique sound can be difficult since they incorporate 60's Retro Pop, 70's Funk, Jazz and Brazilian Bossa Nova, and modern Rock and Roll. But don't worry, just call it "Love-Rock" like their fans already do. Get to the show early for these guys! If you snooze, you lose.



------------------SON of the SUN Recent Press--------------- 

*** Nominated for Buffalo Music Award 2010: BEST ORIGINAL ROCK ARTIST of the YEAR ***

"With a timeless sound that both modern and nostalgic, Son of the Sun combines classic, Beatles-esque melodies with distorted, reverberated guitar layers that recall the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club"
- John Barrett, Performer Magazine (Oct. Issue 2010)

"Wow. I just got my mind blown. SON OF THE SUN...fuck. That was shocking."
- Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Tweet from CMJ Showcase

"The Happy Loss, is a beautifully melodic, yet heartbreakingly gorgeous piece of work"
- Greg Walker, Innocent (Aug 22, 2010)

"(on The Happy Loss) Just plain good, really. Solid workmanship and stellar execution. This one started well and just got better. Take a dip and you'll go in for the plunge."
- Aiding and Abetting (Jun 09, 2010)

"the band have hit a solid winner with their debut album: look out world, here comes Son of the Sun"
- Rory Purcell-Hewitt, (June 28, 2010)

"The Happy Loss features very strong songs with dynamite melodies. Nothing standard and predictable here. These tunes are mature and intelligent...all ten tracks hit the target"
- (Jun 01, 2010)

"when it comes to pure-hearted and perfectly obtuse rock and roll, The Happy Loss hits the proverbial rock dolphin right on the bottle nose of potential mass appeal."
- Ron Trembath, (Jul 06, 2010)

"The overarching feeling one gets is that sunny California pop has been taken to New York and given a very cold hosing down"
- Paul Villers, Americana UK (June 22, 2010)

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