Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playground Boston Reviews CMJ Showcase

Son of the Sun – Buffalo, NY
Arlene’s Grocery – 10/22
Well, Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows sure seemed to like them. Duritz made an appearance at the RSL/Dig/Annie*rock “Beast of the Northeast” showcase at Arlene’s Friday afternoon, and seemed to spend the majority of his time there chatting it up with the Buffalo rockers. (by the way, his dreads have become even poofier in the years since his band’s heyday. It was actually pretty awesome.) SOTS has chops, that’s for sure – the singer had a commanding voice with impressive range, and the ambient overlays threaded over each song by the lead guitarist added a great atmosphere to the entire set. The band features three members on guitar, which allows them the versatility to have one or two switch over to harmonica, keys, slide guitar, tamborine – whatever the needs of the song dictate. Give “Get Together” a listen, and see if you agree with Duritz’s taste in music as much as you agree with his taste in women. (Look it up, the man does well for himself)

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