Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hybrid Magazine reviews The Happy Loss

Hybrid Magazine Review

Listening to the track "Get Together" conjured up images of Thom Yorke fronting a surfy, psychedelic rock band; but that' just how strange The Happy Loss by Son Of The Sun can seem at times. There are also moments when The Jesus And Mary Chain is fondly recalled, particularly during "Keys (Last Call)". It's as though snippets of other bands/songs jump out while this disc plays. For another example,Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" somehow comes to mind with "How Can It Be?" But correct me if I'm wrong; Dylan never worked regularly with a banjo player in his band? "The Franklin", with its jingle bell percussion, sonic-name-dropsThe Beach BoysPet Sounds, even though one would be hard pressed to make any other connection between Brian Wilson's approach, and that of Son Of The Sun.

This group also proves it can create a straight out pop-rock song on "Get Together". It sports organ, and a relatively clean recording. Another 'clean' song is "Stay The Same", which alternates between a chunky electric guitar riff, and dreamy guitar sounds. And for no particular reason, there is also a garage rock solo on it. This album closes with "Tell Me", which - with its gently propulsive bass line - might easily pass for a Morrissey ballad. There's a lot to chew on here, that's for sure. Son of a gun, music fans, you'll have big fun with Son Of The Sun!

-Dan MacIntosh

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