Thursday, August 12, 2010

Innocent Words Review - 8/22/10

By: Greg Walker

Son of the Sun

The Happy Loss

(I Blame Yoko Music)

Son of the Sun’s debut album, The Happy Loss, is a beautifully melodic, yet heartbreakingly gorgeous piece of work. This is the type of moody rock that can waver in and out as you sit around and relax on a gorgeous summer’s night. Listening to the album, it is obvious that these tracks are all expertly crafted by this Buffalo, NY, group. Son of the Sun have an excellent tendency to produce melodic tracks that still remain highly reminiscent of garage psychedelia from years past. Some of the tracks on The Happy Loss would fit right in with a Nuggets release.

Album standout, “The Other Side,” is a haunting bit of rock supported by multiple harmonies and guitars that echo in and out as lead singer Zak Ward recalls a recent breakup. The Happy Loss is filled with a few mid-tempo numbers, such as “The Other Side” with others like the moody “How Can it Be?” and the beautiful outro “Tell Me.”

Son of the Sun is not shy to turn things up a bit every now and then on The Happy Loss as demonstrated by rockier tracks such as “Stay the Same” a true garage rock throwback and “The Good Ole Days” a tough-spirited classic rock track.

The Happy Loss is an exciting debut album from Son of the Sun and one that deserves to be taken together as a whole. It isn’t too often that an album dealing with a loss ends up being this enjoyable. The Son of the Sun’s loss is our gain.

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