Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Son of the Sun - The Happy Loss (Independently released CD, Pop)
Son of the Sun originally started out as the internet-connected duo comprised of Joseph Stocker and Zak Ward. After working together electronically Zak moved (back) to New York and the pair completed the band by adding additional members Jeremy Franklin (guitar), Steve Matthews (bass), and Brandon Delmont (drums). You may think --considering the way the band was formed--that Son of the Sun is a techno/electronic pop band. But nothing could be further from the truth. These guys create classy/classic pop/rock using traditional instruments. And all those annoying little modern techno tricks that you usually hear in modern pop don't even rear their ugly little annoying heads on this album. The Happy Loss features songs...very strong songs with dynamite melodies backed with really solid playing. Nothing standard and predictable here. These tunes are mature and intelligent...and they sure don't follow well-worn paths. All ten tracks hit the target, but particular standout cuts include "Good Ole Days," "Leopard Print," "April Fools," and "Tell Me." Top pick.

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