Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BUFFALO NEWS "Bands to Watch" in 2009 SOTS FEATURED!!!

Just in case you missed it, Son of the Sun was featured in the Buffalo News Sunday Paper in an article written by Jeff Miers. The publication was awesome enough to list us as one of the "Bands to Watch in 2009".

SOTS Buffalo News Article 1/4/2009 Hard Copy Scan

Who: Son of the Sun

What: The brainchild of singer and songwriter Joseph Stocker and cohort Zak Ward, Son of the Sun has grown into a full ensemble with the addition of Jeremy Franklin on guitar, Steve Matthews on bass and Moog, and Girlpope/Odiorne drummer Brandon Delmont manning the engine room. The sound is sprawling and beautiful, suggesting at times a particularly poignant Ryan Adams, and at others, a less strung-out Velvet Underground.

The band’s debut effort, “The Before the After EP,” is available as 7-inch vinyl with CD enclosed. A new album is on the way in ’09. Listen at . Why: If this band was working in New York City, it would probably already be breaking big. Things take a little bit longer ‘round here, but the climate is right for this sort of lush, reflective and melodically detailed rock.


Hope to see everyone at the show w/ The Trew's coming up February 13th at The Town Ballroom.



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