Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best of Album Review

Best of

Originally conceived as a project of multi instrumentalist Joseph Strocker and guitarist Zak Ward, Son of the Sun released their new EP as a four song record (on delicious yellow vinyl) and a bonus CD of the EP as well. The darkly beautiful songs achieved a dreamy moody feel. Swirling organ and plucked banjo by guest Joe Lapaglia give "How Can It Be?" that feel and "Listen Darkly" recalls Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak. The other two tracks on the EP are the instrumental "Spanning Time" and "Big Record Breaker". A buzz for the disc meant forming a band behind Strocker and Ward to play the hauntingly beautiful songs live. Brought on board were Jeremy Franklin/guitar, Steve Matthews/bass and Brandon Delmont/drums. The group then re-cut and re-released Before The After with two additional new tracks and gave the songs a fleshed out fuller arrangement with a lush lavish production that has the Phil Spector Wall of Sound influence. That Spector sound is best evident on the bonus track "Tell Me". Some nice Kinks harmonies make the other bonus cut "Stay The Same" worthy of inclusion also. The future looks bright for these boys, check them out at

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